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With the ever growing demands from school, jobs, and extracurricular activities, family fun can sometimes get lost or forgotten.  Add fun back into your family life with these simple ideas:


AVOID OVERSCHEDULING – Be realistic about family activities and commitments and avoid taking on too much. Running from activity to activity or being buried in too many commitments leaves no time for family time and having fun.


TRY NEW THINGS – Add some spice to your family life and enjoy the family fun and adventure of trying new things. Sometimes all it takes is a change to the traditional habits and routines for families to learn to laugh again.


MAKE IT A PRIORITY – Avoid the pitfalls of "too much work and no play" by making family fun and family time a priority.


TURN OFF THE TV, VIDEO GAMES, AND COMPUTER – Nothing takes away from quality family time like a TV blaring in the background. Give your family a chance to connect without all the background noise and you will be amazed at the things you learn and how much you laugh.


So schedule and plan your family time now. Your kids will thank you for those "little things" later.


Summer is all about soaking in the sun, and beating off the sweat!


Below are ways to deliver summertime family fun.


BACKYARD BUCKET GAMES – Hold various bucket relay races including running, skipping and hopping, and have each participant hold a bucket of water while doing each activity. Mark a line on every bucket where the water shouldn't pass. The winner gets to douse the losers in the water from remaining buckets.


WET POTATO – Fill a water balloon and insert a tiny pin hole to create a slow leak. Stand all family members in a circle in the backyard or at the park and toss it around the circle until it bursts. 


INDOOR FORT DAY – When temperatures become unbearable, designate indoor fort day where, for just one special day, kids are allowed to use couch pillows, comforters, blankets (and whatever else they can find) to build an indoor fort. Load their indoor arsenal with card games, stickers, clay, coloring books and crayons, and crank up their favorite tunes.



READING TIME – Cuddle up on the couch and read a great story aloud.


EXPERIENCE THE NIGHT – Bring some lawn chairs out in the yard and gather your family as the sun goes down.  Listen for the sounds that the evening brings.  If your family gets really engrossed in night life, consider pitching a tent for a backyard campout. 


COOKING COMPETITION – This fun family activity has some practical aspects: It gets dinner on the table and builds cooking skills for the whole family. To get started, assign or have everyone choose a meal element (salad, main dish, bread, sides, or appetizers). The person in charge of the dish has complete control over preparing (parents can still supervise young kids) and serving it. Have the family judge the appearance and taste of each food. At the end of the meal, award prizes for best presentation, best effort, most creative, most likely to be requested again or other fun categories. Then you can move to the main event: the bake-off!




  • Six tall, empty bottles 
  • Glow sticks (these can be purchased at most dollar stores).
  • Optional- a hamster ball to make a glow in the dark bowling ball

Note: If you don't have a hamster ball you can get one for a few dollars at pet store.  You could also just use a regular ball.  



To make the glowing pins all you have to do is place one or two activated glow sticks into each water bottle and put the lids back on.  You can fill the pins with water if you want.  To make the glowing bowling ball just tape the desired amount of glow sticks to the inside of the hamster ball, put it together and secure the side and lid with tape.  

Then it's time to PLAY!




Children love to learn about the world they live in as well as the family they belong to.  Below are links that will provide some helpful ways to teach your children all about their current and extended family.

Your Place in History
  • Important dates in your life or your ancestor's life!
  • Discover interesting facts and events that happened during your own lifetime or in an ancestors' lifetime.
  • Visit and learn about the places where you and your ancestors lived.
  • Create a timeline either for you or an ancestor.

Your Genealogy 

Memories & Completing Youth Projects
  • A printable "My Journal" provides places to talk about your favorite things to do, your goals and so much more.
  • A printable "Life Story" to enjoy and add to over time. 
  • Family History provides the opportunity to learn about family members who are living and those who have passed away.  Enjoy learning as a family.