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Frequently Asked Questions about the Child Care & Development Program (CCDP)


Q:  What is the Child Care and Development Program?

A:  The Child Care and Development Program (CCDP) pays a portion of the cost of child care for income qualifying families. To be eligible for CCDP services, the household must the financial and non-financial eligibility criteria, and every applicant and required adult household member must have an approved purpose of care, such as working or NEON activity.

Q:  How do I apply?

A:  Contact one of the Early Childhood Connection offices to have an application mailed, faxed or emailed to you, or come in during office hours to submit an application in person. The application is available for download on our website: www.childcarelv.org


ECC Office Hours and Locations:

Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 6:00pm (excluding State holidays)
2470 N. Decatur, Suite 150:    (702) 473-9400
3320 E. Flamingo, Suite 49:    (702) 570-5161


Q:  What documents are needed to qualify?

A:  Our Case Managers will ask for the information needed only if your household appears eligible when the application is screened. In general, most applicants need: picture ID for adult household members, children’s birth certificates, proof of Nevada residency, proof of household income, proof of work schedule, and the selection of a child care provider. You may be asked to provide additional documentation based on your specific household circumstances. In order for us to update your information and to verify that you still qualify for subsidy, you must reapply at the end of your current certificate period; typically once per year.


Q:  When will the Child Care Subsidy Program start helping with my child care costs?

A:  Once all eligibility criteria have been met, a certificate will be issued to the child care provider and parent; the certificate usually starts on the date the application was received by our office, and can be issued for up to 365 days.  The certificate is the provider’s authorization to bill the Child Care Subsidy Program for the child care services.


Q:  How much will I qualify for?

A:  Eligibility is based on household size and countable income; the subsidy percentage a household qualifies for is determined using the CCDP sliding fee scale. The approved amount is listed on the certificate, if the services are approved. Speak with your case manager if you need help reading the certificate.


Q:  Is there a waiting list?

A:  At this time, there is a waiting list in place for some services. If you qualify for the CCDP program, but funding is not available, your household may be placed on the waiting list until new funding is received. It is important to keep the program updated with changes to your household so we can notify you when funding is received.


Q:  Can you help me find a child care provider?

A:  Yes we can! The Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) department can assist you with referrals to licensed child care providers in the community. Choosing the right provider is an important decision; we can give you tools to choose the best provider for your child. Please call us at (702) 473-9400 for more information.


Q:  Can my family or friend be my provider?

A:  A family, friend or neighbor may register to be a FFN provider for one subsidy household. The provider must meet the eligibility criteria to be registered, and must participate in annual training and safety visit requirements. To find out more about registering a FFN provider, please call CCR&R at (702) 473-9400.