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Child Care Options

Parents have many child care provider options that they should consider when determining the best care setting for their child. 


LICENSED CHILD CARE CENTERS – Typically caring for 12 or more children in a building specifically designed for child care services. Child care centers are regulated by Child Care Licensing.
LICENSED GROUP CARE HOMES – Group care homes provide care for up to 12 children. They typically have at least two caregivers caring for the 12 children to be in compliance with Licensing. Group Care Homes are typically in residential housing communities.
LICENSED FAMILY CARE HOMES – Family care homes provide care for up to 6 children. These homes are typically located within residential areas, and usually only have one provider, typically the home owner.
LICENSE EXEMPT RECREATIONAL PROGRAMS – Recreational programs are typically Child Care license exempt care facilities that work with school aged children. The program may operate within a school, or in a free-standing recreation center. Safekey, Track Break programs, the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs are examples of these types of programs.
UNLICENSED FAMILY, FRIEND AND NEIGHBOR (FFN) CARE – This is care provided by someone known to the family. They typically care for only one household’s children. In Southern Nevada, they may have up to 4 children without a license. FFN providers who are servicing Child Care Subsidy Program families are regulated by the State of Nevada DWSS Child Care Program policies, and monitored through the CCR&R program, which conducts home visits to monitor for health and safety standards. 
Not all care types will work for all children. It’s important for parents to visit multiple settings before selecting the appropriate care provider.


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