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INTEGRITY - Continuing to do what we say we will do in a professional and ethical manner.

NETWORKING - Connecting with resource and community partners to leverage resources and bridge gaps in services that continue to help low-income people.

SERVICE - Helping low-income people and fulfilling their near and long-term needs.

PEOPLE - A variety of services focused on empowering others to achieve social, economic, and societal change.

INNOVATION - Adapting our service delivery to meet the changing needs of our community.

RESPECT - Having high regard for LVUL, our clients, our resource partners, and our stakeholders. Continuing to build relationships focused on achieving mutual goals for LVUL and its constituents.

EXCELLENCE - Our core standard is Excellence in all we do. Excellence can only be achieved through unified and combined efforts by all LVUL staff and leadership towards implementing our mission, vision and values in all daily work practices.

This is our commitment to our customers.

We would love to hear how we’re doing in meeting your expectations:  If you’re a client, rovider or attended one of our classes. Please take a moment and give us your feedback. 
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